I recently worked on...

I've worked on many projects over the years but these are some of the ones that I'm most proud of. Let's add yours to the list.

  • Speedial

    Created a beautiful online directory with an admin panel for managing the directory using PHP/Laravel, Livewire and TailwindCSS.


  • S-Success School Software

    Led the development of a school management system for S-Success using PHP/Laravel and ReactJS.


  • S-Success School Website

    Created a beautiful informational website for S-Success using Next.js, HTML, CSS and TailwindCSS.


  • Eaze Credit

    Created a beautiful informational website for Eaze Credit using Next.js, HTML, CSS and TailwindCSS.


  • GoodCare Home Health

    Created a beautiful informational website for GoodCare Home Health Services using Next.js, HTML, CSS and TailwindCSS.


  • Test for Talent AI Component

    Created an AI component for "Test for Talent" to help companies zero in on the best candidates for their job openings using GPT-4, PHP/Laravel, Livewire and TailwindCSS

    Test for Talent

  • Donate Ez

    Created a donation management system for philanthropists to manage their donations using PHP/Laravel, Livewire and TailwindCSS.


  • Swift Tax Credit Self Signup

    Created a self signup portal for Swift Tax Credit to allow new employees to be qualified for tax credits using PHP/Laravel and TailwindCSS.


  • CampFlow

    Created a camp management system for summer camps to manage their registration, campers, activities and more using PHP/Laravel, Livewire and TailwindCSS.


  • Prosper Capital

    Created an informational website for Prosper Capital using HTML, CSS and TailwindCSS.


  • Maven Software Solutions

    Worked on many client projects at this development company, some of which are listed here, using C#, Angular, Laravel and Wordpress among others.


  • Venetian Villas

    Created an informational website showcasing a new housing development, allowing the client to update pictures and videos of the progress, using Wordpress.


  • ConnectBooks

    Worked on most of the front end and some of the back end for this financial tracking software for online sellers, using C# and Angular.


  • EMB Phones Inventory Management

    Created an inventory management system utilizing APIs like Finale and ShipStation using C# and Angular.


  • Muffins & Stuff

    Created a catalog website for a wholesale baked goods business.


  • Baketivity

    Created a subscription buying website for a children's baking subscription company, using Wordpress and WooCommerce.


  • Do All Travel

    Created a flight travel booking website using Drupal and Sabre API.


  • B&H Photo Canon Lens MiniSite

    Created a beautiful creative minisite showcasing all Canon lenses for B&H Photo.


  • B&H Photo Explora

    Maintained and expanded the Explora Photography Blog for B&H Photo using PHP and Drupal


  • Chorus Periodic Reports

    Redesigned the complex report generating flow for quarterly reports with an AI component to generate the final report. Had to stick with jQuery and KendoUI 😔

    Internal Project

  • Chorus Smart Scheduler

    Created a smart scheduler with deep scheduling functionality, built with ReactJS and Microsoft Dynamics.

    Internal Project

  • WearWide Listing Management Software

    Created a listing management software, integrating with multiple vendors and marketplaces, built using PHP/Laravel, Livewire and TailwindCSS.

    Internal Project

  • Photo 4 Less Shipping Software

    Created a shipping solution from scratch, integrating with SellerCloud and ShipEngine, built using PHP/Laravel, Livewire and TailwindCSS.

    Internal Project

  • Your Project

    I left some space here for your upcoming project. Let's do this. Reach out now and be up and running in no time.